1st "Virtual Reality as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy" Conference.
By the "empathic Reactive MediaLab Coalition" (eRMLab Coalition).
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Petra Pappová, PhD.

Department of Aesthetics and Spanish Literature. Constantine The Philosopher University (UKF)
Nitra (Slovakia)
Petra Pappová is PhD. in Esthetics and a professor of Spanish Literature at the Constantino el Filosofo University in Nitra (UKF, Slovakia). She was a visiting professor at the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Granada. She currently holds the position of Director of the Section of Spanish Language and Literature and Deputy Director of the Department of Romanistics of the UKF. Teach Contemporary Spanish Literature, Literary Translation and Analysis of Literary Texts.
She also works as a translator and interpreter. She is the author of different publications on classical and contemporary Spanish literature. He translated the new art of making comedies in this time of Lope de Vega as well as the dramatic monologue Psalm for a Red Queen by Sergio Espinosa. His main interest is to bring the current Spanish literature to the Slovak readers, as well as to show the richness of the poetry of his country of origin to the Spaniards. It organizes several events related to the Spanish-Slovak cultural exchange.