1st "Virtual Reality as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy" Conference.
By the "empathic Reactive MediaLab Coalition" (eRMLab Coalition).
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Jorge Esteban Blein, PhD.

Optimal XR. Narrative Storytelling for VR
Creative Director
Former Creative Director at Optimal XR, start up that discloses empathy through Storytelling in Virtual Reality, and Hikaru VR Agency, as well as a freelance Narrative Consultant in VR.
He has written and directed VR pieces such as "The Baby's Cry" (360) selected in the Movistar Barcelona 360 VR Fest, or "Being Sherlock Holmes" (360-3D) in which we put ourselves in the skin of the famous detective. His last piece 360 3D is a fan Film of Ready Player One, in which he has collaborated with part of the Spanish VR community. He also shares his VR storytelling knowledge in his Youtube channel "Narrative VR". He has dedicated more than 20 years to teaching, what he is passionate about, in the areas of Screenwriting and Film Direction, teaching at various universities and postgraduate centers. He is Doctor Cum Laude in cinematography, with a thesis on the identification of the public with antiheroes protagonists.