1st "Virtual Reality as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy" Conference.
By the "empathic Reactive MediaLab Coalition" (eRMLab Coalition).
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Álvaro Guirao

EmpaticaXR & eRMLab Coalition
Founder, Multidimensional Vision and Facilitator
Zürich, Switzerland
Alvaro is Founder & Executive Director of the empathic Reactive Media Lab (eRMLab) Coalition and the International Summer Symposium "Virtual Reality (VR) as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy" (June 17th-20th, 2018).

“empathic Reactive Media Lab (eRMLab)” is created with the mission to do research and application on the progressive adaptation and personalization of XR experiences via biometric technology and deep data gathering to read and react to users based on their body rhythms, emotions, preferences, and data points.

Customization range from the interchange of the visual aspect of embodied avatars to induce psychoneuroimmunological improvements, personalization of the contextual environment to adapt to different cultures, the emotional tone of the music that is playing during the experiences, to different narrative endings...

The lines of research includes scientific disciplines such as neurocinematics, neuromarketing, biometric tech, virtual and augmented reality and machine learning algorithms in conjunction with the storytelling narrative and visual arts to be applied in disciplines such as education, healthcare, well-being, interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional education, etc.

Serial purpose entrepreneur, with studies in Computer Science, Alvaro holds a Top Management Program in Executive Education for Entrepreneurs at IE Business School.

Launched Cloud Mainframe Computing, an online education platform using machine learning and community crowdsourcing to deliver personalised educational content in enterprise technology. After, Alvaro created Solofeeling, developing an innovative technology to interact intuitively, to enhance emotional communication between art exhibitions and their public.

In between his entrepreneurial endeavours, Alvaro has several years of experience working on international projects with financial, insurance and government institutions.

His life curiosity drove him to join global intentional communities like Sandbox, Holistic Visions, Reality, Summit Series or NEXUS Global, inspiring him to found other collectives and communities like EmpaticaXR, the eRMLab Coalition and HumiX.

Works at the intersection of intuitive technologies and community building for human flourishing through kindness, empathy, compassion, creativity and innovation, Alvaro leads the most ambitious project to date, EmpaticaXR , co-creating the Future of creative Empathy and Compassion cultivation to support sustainable Human empowerment.

As founder of EmpaticaXR, Alvaro leads from Zurich & Hong Kong the international eRMLab Coalition.