1st "Virtual Reality as a Transformative Technology to Develop Empathy" Conference.
By the "empathic Reactive MediaLab Coalition" (eRMLab Coalition).
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Monday, June 18 • 6:15pm - 8:15pm
PANEL DISCUSSION: "Globalization, Visual Technologies and Empathy"

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  • Videoconference. "Technology and its Global Impact for Peace". Ramiro Jordán.                                                     We are defining Peace Engineering as the application of science and engineering principles to promote and support peace. Peace Engineering envisions and works towards a world where prosperity, sustainability, social equity, entrepreneurship, transparency, community voice and engagement, and a culture of quality thrive. Engineers have the power to play a vital role delivering creative solutions that can radically transform and improve human and natural wellbeing.
    At the core of Peace Engineering is our planet’s sustainable future, which is calling its leaders to act in concert. We must actively develop solutions by collaboratively addressing known problems, integrating transdisciplinary education programs, technology, ethics, empathy and policy – all based around the language of technology. The biggest asset in a business is the human capital and we must all contribute in the development of the next generation leaders.
    We should create a movement and you should be part of that with ownership and sense of belonging. A small list of questions/challenges follows. Help us expand and we invite you to propose a process using technology to tackle a solution:
    -  How do we develop the next global generation of engineers (curriculum reform, socratic method in engineering, executive programs in engineering, joint and cross disciplinary programs, ethics, social responsibility, etc.)?
    -  How do we create and bring into the classroom and our daily lives Peace Engineering content? We have to walk the talk.
    - How do we deal and live with transparency?                                                                                              - How do we reduce the gap between the do-haves and do-not-haves?
    -  How do we spread wealth and wellbeing?
    -  How do we make people, institutions (local, national, global, public, private) accountable?        -  What does Industry 4.0/5.0 - Circular Economy really mean and its impact in local, national, global contexts?
    -  Let’s talk about ethics by design, employability, policy, mobility (displaced people), social responsibility.                                                                                                                                                      -  What can we do to contribute to the global challenges (food, water, air quality, smart cities, security, food security, climate change, health, security).
    -  How do we establish and address sustainable development goals? Are the United Nations sustainable goals realistic? How about the NAE challenges?
    -  How do we address diversity? (political, geographical, gender, religious, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, refugees, people reintegrating to society, other)
    -  How do we deal with disruptive and complex thinking?
    -  What to do with global engineering innovations and ventures (social and business innovation and ventures)
    -  Creation of global natural ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship
    -  Transdisciplinary academic programs to foster innovation, ventures, internationalization and impact
    -  International systems to measure the impact of innovations and ventures
    -  How do we embrace culture of quality: teaching, accreditation, research, innovation?
    -  How can we create a forum where academia, industry, governments, banks, NGOs, multilateral organizations, R&D centers, concerned citizens and leaders interact to continue the conversation/action on Peace Engineering?
    -  How do we live and deal with the xeno and phobia in us, example aporophobia?                            -  How can we embrace Empathy?
     All with a focus on the concept of sustained growth.                                  
  • "Audiovisual Media as an Impact Tool for Interpersonal Change". Miguel Ángel Tobías. YOUR DECISIONS TRANSFORM YOUR FUTURE
    "LIFE is on the other side of fear"
    It seems clear to all of us that depending on what we decide at a certain moment, our future will go in one or the other direction ... It is a linear and deterministic thinking concept that we have all accepted and therefore we have not questioned again. If I do not study to be a pilot, I will never be at the controls of an airplane. But there is another possible paradigm that allows us to reflect and deepen not on how our decisions determine our future, but on how they TRANSFORM a future that already existed in our present. Imagine now that since childhood, we have dreamed that when we were adults, we would be airline pilots. We saw each other in uniform, talking to passengers, traveling the world, etc ... That future was already in us !! It was already a certain and possible future in our present. But at the moment we had to start studying the pilot career, our family, friends, told us that this was not realistic, that it was very difficult, that we would not get it, etc ... and we believed it. We were afraid, and we left ... We just TRANSFORM the future that had to be in another. We were never pilots, even though that possible future was already in us forever. And it is the fear of fear, the fear of failure, ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of trust, the one that prevents us many times in our life from reaching where they were already waiting for us. The audiovisual and virtual reality can allow us to visualize and anticipate that future that was ours, help us overcome our fears and give us the conscience and the tools to achieve it.
  • "Global Room and Work Network: Shaping the Future of Lifestyle". Shengwei Zhao.

avatar for Ramiro Jordán, PhD.

Ramiro Jordán, PhD.

Director, World Education Engineering Forum (Peace Engineering). Global Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship and Technology (GINET)
Twenty five years of experience creating and leading STEM education, R&D and entrepreneurial organizations and activities in Ibero-America and other regions in the world. A leader in international engineering education research. Proven capabilities in fund raising and creating partnerships... Read More →
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Miguel Ángel Tobías

Founder and CEO. Producer and Film Director., ACCAMEDIA
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Shengwei Zhao

Co-Founder and CEO, WWLD Tech. China Emerging Lyfestyle

Monday June 18, 2018 6:15pm - 8:15pm CEST
Sala Exterior